Our Adventures

What is it about food trucks that make us more fascinated and excited when buying food. I mean it can't be the queues because no one likes standing in the sun while it's blazing down on your neck or the fact that there is probably no seating to sit and wait even though your four year old is whining and pulling on your jeans because she saw someone selling sweets. It also can't be that your husband has made you stand in the queue and collect the food for him, his work mate, his wife and their two scowling teens. "Please just remember Tom, I only have two hands" which one is actually calming down a crying kid.

It can only be that smell of crispy bacon, grilled to perfection. Flowing through the noses of the hungry people in the long line, including you. The slicing of that freshly baked roll with a juicy medium to well 180g patty (look if you more of a well done kind of guy, we have your back) with melted cheddar cheese, the kind of cheese that you know is sticky and rich, the kind that just makes a good burger. Topped with the bacon I was talking about in the beginning of this paragraph and not to mention the choice between caramelised bladdy onions which are that darkened d brown colour infused with balsamic vinegar and brown sugar, or spicy jalapeños, ones that don't require a Rennies from the bottom of your bag. Let me not forget the Guac-a Mexicans delight with creamy feta sprawled all over the top. One thing I can't forget is that chillinaise sauce - it completes it.

Now take all the above toppings, minus the cheese and slap it onto a giant frankfurter. How perfect. If you that guy who is not in the mood for something that meaty. Have a dog instead.

Besides the food and the smell. The quirky name, the black and gold branding and the service from The Filthy team. It's a winner for everyone.

A food truck: "New gourmet food trucks take the street-food game to a higher level".

"A large wheeled vehicle from which food is sold that typically contains cooking facilities where the food is prepared".

"Food trucks are to adults what ice cream trucks are to children.” – Andrew Harrison.

That says it all folks. The Filthy Moustache Gourmet food truck is an experience.