The VW Van

VW Van (Small)

Why settle for the ordinary when you can have an extraordinary experience tailored just for you?

Intimacy Infused with Flavour: Our smaller van isn’t just a food truck; it’s a gastronomic journey tailored for your close-knit celebrations. Watch as our chefs craft gourmet burgers and hotdogs right before your eyes, creating an intimate culinary spectacle that larger trucks can’t replicate.

Perfectly Portioned Pleasure: Big on taste, not on size! Our smaller van delivers all the gourmet goodness you’d expect from our larger truck but in perfectly portioned packages. It’s the ideal solution for those events where quality meets intimacy, leaving your guests raving about the flavour-packed experience.

Mobile Marvel for Any Venue: Whether it’s a backyard bash, a rooftop rendezvous, or an office fiesta, our compact van effortlessly rolls into any venue, bringing the gourmet vibes wherever the party takes you. It’s mobility meets deliciousness in one convenient package.

Affordable Elegance: Who says gourmet has to break the bank? Our alternative smaller van offers the same premium quality without the hefty price tag. Treat your guests to an upscale culinary experience that fits your budget, proving that small events can have big flavours.

Choose our alternative smaller van food truck and let us transform your smaller events into unforgettable, flavour-packed fiestas. From gourmet burgers to sizzling hotdogs, we’re here to bring the excitement, one bite-sized masterpiece at a time!

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