Nestled within the vibrant ambiance of The Yard Eatery building at @ThePrisonBreakMarket in Kyalami, Johannesburg, our store is not just a place to eat – it’s a sanctuary for food enthusiasts. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, stepping into our eatery feels like coming home.Here at The Yard Eatery, we pride ourselves on offering more than just a meal. Our menu features the gourmet burgers and hotdogs that have become the hallmark of our renowned food trucks, famous at festivals and private events across the region. Each dish is crafted with care, ensuring that every bite is a delightful experience.

The atmosphere at The Yard Eatery is a blend of style and warmth, capturing the spirit of fun and the adventurous essence of the old Western railroad. It’s a place where you can relax, unwind, and let the worries of the day melt away as you indulge in culinary excellence. The stylish yet inviting decor adds to the charm, making it the perfect backdrop for a memorable dining experience.

At The Prison Break Market, every visit to The Yard Eatery is a celebration of food and community. Whether you’re enjoying a meal with friends, family, or on your own, you’ll find that our commitment to quality and hospitality shines through. Our eatery is more than a restaurant – it’s a destination, a place where extraordinary food meets extraordinary moments.

Join us at The Yard Eatery and become a part of our story. Every visit is an opportunity to indulge in the extraordinary and to make lasting memories in a place that feels like home.


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