Food Trucks Enter the Arena

Food trucks have gained popularity over traditional methods of catering over the years. For all the things that a traditional caterer can offer, food trucks have entered the arena to offer those aspects to an event and more. What began as a method of conveniently getting food on the go, food trucks have become mainstream in their offering of good quality food with a trendy twist.

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The Advantages of Food Trucks over Traditional Catering

Food trucks provide an event with a memorable uniqueness. Traditional catering will offer the standard experience in the presentation of food while food trucks will add a particular flair to the whole experience. Food trucks also provide a certain nostalgia to the presentation of food that is very different from traditional catering.

Food trucks offer a full spectrum of experiences, allowing you to interact with the chef and participate in the preparation of your meal. Normal catering will typically present a set menu with no flexibility while a food truck will often allow for variations in their menus to suit your needs and taste at the time.

Hiring a food truck is also less expensive than traditional catering in that they have lower overheads and expenses. The typical expenses involved in traditional catering include the hiring of staff, special equipment, dishes, etc. These expenses are reflected in the hiring of their services, all of which are excluded in the hiring of a food truck. These expenses will also typically increase in the case of a traditionally catered event where the celebration is a large one.

Food from food trucks will also be more freshly prepared than food that is sourced from a catering company. As the food is prepared right while you wait, there is no storage of a prepared meal to another time as is the case with traditional catering. Fresh ingredients are used to prepare every meal in a food truck.

Food trucks also assist in saving space at your venue. The compact nature of the vehicle avoids the necessity of tables and chairs, plates, and glasses, making more room for your guests. All that is needed to enjoy a meal from a food truck is contained within the truck itself and is not disbursed around a venue as is the case with normal catering, taking up much-needed space.

Hiring a food truck for an event has a great number of advantages over the traditional method of catering. For all your food truck catering needs, and to hire a catering food truck in Johannesburg or Pretoria, contact Filthy Moustache today for a quotation.


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