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South Africa’s food truck movement: gourmet on wheels

Like the United States and Europe, South Africa has seen a recent increase in the number of food trucks. A mobile food service makes sense for serving gourmet meals at lunchtime, snacks throughout the day, and catering for weddings and parties. It is estimated that 2.5 billion people worldwide consume street food every day, bringing the concept to city centres, office-dense areas, and popular weekend hangouts is a practical way to meet the demand for good, reasonably priced food.

The food truck movement as we know it today arose in response to the recession in the early 2000s when restaurants were forced to downscale, and customers had less money to spend. Food trucks are fully equipped, well-designed vehicles with small but functional kitchens and strictly monitored food safety protocols. Recently, food trucks saw a revival, partly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, with an increasing number of workers returning to the office, open-air meals offer a great alternative to the closed-in spaces of traditional eateries. As a result, food trucks are an intriguing twist on the dining experience, and the boom shows no signs of slowing anytime soon.

Benefits of curbside dining

  • Traditionally, street food is less expensive than other types of dining. This is thanks to the lower overheads of running a food truck than a traditional restaurant.
  • Thanks to their mobility, food trucks can go almost anywhere, making them ideal catering alternatives at events.
  • Your meal is hot and ready in a hurry. Food trucks offer time-crunched diners a quick bite without the wait of a sit-down restaurant.
  • Street food is a low-cost form of entertainment because the owners strive to provide a pleasant dining experience for their customers.
  • Nothing beats spending time outside when the weather is nice. Food trucks offer a unique dining experience, bringing great taste to the streets.

Food trucks are hot right now and here to stay. If you want to follow The Filthy Moustache’s journey and see where we’ll be tantalising tastebuds next, follow us on Instagram.

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