The Need for Food Trucks

Adaptations in society must always be made to keep up with the times. Today’s times require convenience, speed, and services offered at an affordable cost. In the busy world that we live in, it is not always possible, or feasible, to make use of the services of a restaurant for an event, particularly because of the high costs that are involved in hiring the restaurant. Not only can food trucks provide a completely different experience from that which you receive in a restaurant, but it also has several added benefits which can be enjoyed.

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The Advantages of Food Trucks over Traditional Restaurants

All catering businesses will incorporate their costs in the price of their wares. A food truck is a smaller operation than a traditional restaurant and as a result, its costs will be lower in its running.

Some of the running costs that will differ greatly between a food truck and a restaurant include the electricity needed, the wiring and plumbing, etc. Food trucks will also traditionally prepare less food at any given time, reducing the demand for the electricity needed for preparation. Other running costs will include the cost of storage facilities. This is an aspect that is included in the food truck where no formal or additional storage facility will need to be paid for. The insurance costs are also lower with food trucks as opposed to the insurance required with a restaurant, which is reflected in the sale of their goods.

Food trucks will also store their equipment in smaller quantities than restaurants. The bigger operation of a restaurant will normally require that equipment be bought and stored in bulk, from the gas for the stoves to the plates and cutlery. This is different from the equipment needed and stored within a food truck as they have limited space and as such will purchase their stock in smaller quantities. Restaurants will also have to purchase glass and ceramic equipment and have a higher outlay for aspects like furniture within the restaurant. This is again all reflected in the higher price of the meal at a restaurant, which is much lower in the case of a food truck.

Less staff is also required in the case of a food truck as opposed to what would be required in a restaurant. Waiters and hostesses are not needed with a food truck, saving on the cost of employing people, whereas a cashier and chef will typically suffice. The roles of the staff within a food truck will also be more versatile as opposed to employing a wide variety of staff as would be typically needed in a restaurant.

Hiring a food truck for an event instead of going to a restaurant will save you in a myriad of ways for your event. Contact Filthy Moustache today, the providers of catering food trucks in Johannesburg and Pretoria, for more information and to get a quotation.


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