What Is A Mobile Disc Jockey?

A mobile disc jockey, also known as a mobile DJ, is a person who specialises in sound entertainment and does so by providing this service from a mobile facility, such as a van, containing all the necessary equipment, such as speakers, microphones, and a quality sound system.

Mobile DJs are typically hired on an ad hoc basis to provide the best sound and audio experience for an event or function. The variety of music and styles of playlists that a mobile DJ can provide makes them perfect for any occasion.

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Interesting Facts about the Mobile Disc Jockey Industry

The first mobile DJ was seen as early as the 1940s. A pioneer from the United Kington, Ron Diggins, developed the first ‘Diggolas’ as the mobile disco unit of the time. Equipped with 78 turntables, he would play his records at dances and the village hall. At the time, Ron Diggins successfully ran two ‘Diggolas’ but was prohibited by the Musicians Union from expanding any further. The next mobile DJ was only in seen in 1966 with Robert Squires establishing his chain of “Roger Squire’s Mobile Discothèques”. His reach was wide and he played at many wedding events and college dances, as well as for a variety of celebrities and royalty.

The concept of mobile disc jockeys picked up popularity in the 1980s and 1950 with the development of several mobile associations and trade shows. In 1988 the first American Disc Jockey Awards was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and since then numerous mobile disc jockeys have been inducted into the American Disc Jockey Hall of Fame.

Many mobile DJs still make use of vinyl records, yet more modern approaches are typically used today for the broadcast of their music. Music suppliers have even developed equipment specifically for use by mobile DJs, improving their sound and making their setup more efficient.

To provide the best experience, mobile DJs will typically be involved in many aspects of the function, including communicating with the other vendors, the photographers, the organizer, and the guests.

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