Why food trucks make events better

People love eating at special events, whether it’s a music festival, outdoor movie nights, or private events. As a result, food trucks are ideal for various occasions. Food trucks are mobile, eye-catching, and simple to host. So it’s no surprise that they’re becoming popular as a great dining option at several events. Consider the following reasons if you’re on the fence about hiring a food truck for your event.

They drew crowds

Food trucks are difficult to miss due to their size and appearance. As a result, food trucks will draw more people to your event because they are so appealing. Whether your patrons have visited food trucks before or they’re just curious, food trucks draw people in, increasing your attendance. Not to mention the aromas like crispy bacon, grilled to perfection, tempting the noses of hungry people.

Options for different tastes

Food trucks provide delicious cuisine at a reasonable price that will appeal to any palate. So whether you’re in the mood for Mexican, Indian, or even seafood, there’s almost no food you won’t find in a food truck of some kind. In short, picky eaters rejoice; there is a food truck for you!

They’re fun

Because food trucks are so large and have such bright graphics, they add to the atmosphere of any event. When attending a large event, people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy the visual. It’s is a feast for their eyes. Food trucks provide all of this and more.

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It’s a whole adventure – the food, the smell, the name, the look, and the service. The Filthy Moustache has it all. Our team is on a mission to create and establish good street food in Gauteng. We want all the Jozi and Pretoria food lovers to experience our delectable gourmet burgers and hot dogs and our quirky, naughty, and fun side.

The Filthy Moustache is called Filthy for a reason – a napkin may be required.

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