Why you should use food trucks at your next event

Event management can be tricky, and sometimes it is hard to steer your corporate clients away from the norm. For example, the sit-down catering experience is great in principle, but the logistics to ensure each plate is perfectly prepared and still warm when it arrives at the table can be challenging. In addition, you have to hope all the guests are satisfied with the limited options possible in such a setting.

And while there is a time and place for sit-down menus, in the COVID-19 era, this is not that time. Fortunately, there are great alternatives in food trucks.

These are some of the benefits of hiring food trucks companies should consider for their next events.

Interaction with guests

Instead of sitting in a room full of people waiting for food to appear in front of them, guests can get up, choose their meal from a food truck and chat with other people while waiting in line. The best part is that everyone can order whatever they want and customise it as necessary.


Traditional catering services are more expensive than food trucks. And, because everyone can order whatever they want, there may be less food waste.

Excellent outdoor and indoor

Most food trucks can be driven inside, so food trucks are welcome even if your venue is indoors, as long as the door is large enough! In addition, some food truck companies like The Filthy Moustache have portable or pop-up options that can be easily set up inside to avoid that minor inconvenience. And with the great South African climate, outdoor dining is almost always a good idea.

Better exposure for your company

Food trucks rely on word-of-mouth and social media marketing. They often have a very active social media following to ensure they can communicate with their fans about where they’ll be next. They’ll likely post about their catering for your event, generating more buzz about what you do. That little bit of free advertising is unlikely to come from a traditional caterer.

Quick delivery

Food trucks are in the business of producing a high volume of delicious food quickly. Your guests will most likely be able to eat faster than they would if they had to wait for a server at their tables. It is a win-win situation not only for the event planner but also for guests.

Versatile quality

There is a food truck for everything these days – you name it, and they make it. Furthermore, the typical food truck has various options on the menu, and your guests will enjoy selecting the items that appeal to them the most. You can host a mini food festival at your conference, trade show, or party.

New connections

Connecting with food truck owners allows you to expand your network, which can have far-reaching benefits, including tapping into their social media fans and followers.


People may forget about your decorations, but they will never forget about the food or the experience. Food trucks have been around for a while, but there’s something about them that keeps people talking. Having them as a part of your event makes it that much more memorable. In the end, that is what both the host and the event planner desire: an event that will live on in the hearts and minds of the guests who were fortunate enough to attend.

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